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The bed & breakfast with hourly and daily rates on the stree
Sumy, Prokofeva 36 8-room mini-hotel , 20 guests 138 per day
APARTMENT FOR RENT Strongly events, company parties, celebra
Sumy, Str. Harkovskaya 54 1-room apartment , 4 guests 260 per day
Cozy 1 bedroom apartment with stylish Euro 2012goda repair.
Sumy, CHerepina 40 1-room apartment , 4 guests 299 per day
New repairing
Sumy, Komsomolskaya 46/1 1-room apartment , 2 guests 333.5 per day
Mebel modern, large wooden bed with orthopedic mattress, air
Sumy, Harkovskaya 3/1 1-room apartment , 3 guests 339.3 per day
Wonderful apartment with a good repair, all the furniture in
Sumy, Ave Lushpy 43 1-room apartment , 4 guests 460 per day
Wonderful, very cozy apartment with a quality repair, all fu
Sumy, Lushpy 1-room apartment , 2 guests 460 per day
For rent One bedroom apartment in the city center at the beg
Sumy, Troickaya 5 2-room house , 4 guests 517.5 per day
Apartment Business class 2 bedroom. FREE driving up customer
Sumy, Karbysheva, 43 2-room mini-hotel , 4 guests 632.5 per day
We invite you to visit a cozy mini-hotel in a picturesque se
Sumy, Per.Privolny 33 5-room mini-hotel , 20 guests 217.4 per day
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